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July 27, 2019

Why homeowners need a roofing expert.

before and after roofing expert

You need a roofing expert working for you. 

Insurance claims can be difficult for anyone to navigate.  

Most home owners don't know what to look for after a storm that could have damaged there roof . A roofing expert knows what to look for and how to help the homeowner navigate the insurance claim process.

Unfortunately, roofs aren’t inexpensive and a roof repair or roof replacement can be hard to pay completely out of pocket. If the roofing contractor doesn’t know what to look for, a potential storm damage claim could be missed along with the ability to pay for a reroof.

Many times, adjusters will deny claims. However, having a roofing expert that is well versed in insurance claims can mean the difference between the adjuster denying or accepting the claim.  

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