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July 14, 2022

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roof is defined as a system of hidden metal panels with vertical legs, with wide, flat areas in between two legs.

standing seam metal roof

Standing seam metal roofing uses metal panels connected together by unseen fasteners, making it stronger and less susceptible to damage compared with other types of roofs. Because standing seam metal roof systems conceal the fasteners and the panels of the seam, standing seam metal roofs need less maintenance than conventional roof products, and they prevent all kinds of moisture from damaging your home. If you are looking for a roof that can provide a nice, modern aesthetic to your residential or commercial roofing system, combined with excellent durability and durability, standing seam metal roofing is the ideal system for you.

An increasingly used trend for both mountainous and contemporary applications, the Weathered Steel Standing Seam Roof makes a statement by its long lines and handsome patina. These types of metal panel roofs are called standing seam because their notable visual characteristic is a raised, overlapping seam connecting one panel to another.

A concealed fastener system combined with the smooth exterior enhances the premium qualities of these panels. These panel systems are secured to the deck of your home using hidden clips or slats, and differ by the way that they are sewn together. Snap-lock profiles are attached to the roof deck using clips which are attached at the seams and securing below the panels.

Nail-on fasteners (also called stud-on fasteners) are similar to a snap-lock panel system, but instead of using a clip to attach a panel to a roof deck, they are attached directly to the deck via the metal panels manhole legs. Snap-lock panels have flanges (aka locks or seams) attached directly onto them. Snap-lock panels feature rolling edges with a male and female foot that click together to secure them to the deck of the house. Because these panels are attached to the roof deck using clamps, they are free from any holes caused by nails or other fasteners that may allow moisture infiltration.

The basic idea behind standing seam systems is to keep the fasteners hidden, regardless if the panels are attached to the roof deck using a clamp, or are directly bonded to the deck material below a vertical foot (fastener kick). One of the best parts of standing seam is the ability to attach items like solar panels, snow retaining systems, swamp coolers, or other additions to a rooftop, never penetrating and not making a single hole into the roof surface. Because of the superior performance characteristics of standing seam roof panels, they are frequently chosen by those who wish to install solar or snow-retention accessories to a metal roof. These panels are designed with snap-fasteners, which allows metal roof panels to be free-floating when needed due to naturally occurring expansion and contraction of metal caused by changes in temperature.

This design for a metal panel roof keeps your roof fasteners protected from UV light, winds, rain, snow, and all the other elements that can wear down and degrade your roof. This hidden fastener technology keeps the fasteners on the roof protected against UV rays, wind, water, and all other elements that cause other roof types to wear down faster. This fastener system also helps your metal roofs last longer, as no holes are placed in the panels themselves.

This kind of panel is a favorite of roof contractors because it is such an easy-to-install, low-maintenance metal roof type. The overhanging edges of a metal panel that joins it with adjacent panels form a distinct vertical line known as the stand seam, giving standing seams that classic modern appearance.

In addition to offering the elegant, straight-lined standing seam system, the metal comes in almost any color, including custom colors, to suit your facility. Our standing seam panels can be ordered in many styles, featuring over two dozen color choices from Cool Roof, or a stylish, bare-metal, natural finish. At Sheffield Metals, we are proud to be the leading distributors of the sheet metal and coil products used in manufacturing standing seam roof systems/panels.

At the end of this article, we will provide you with an excellent tool that will assist in finding an excellent roofing contractor in your area. When it comes to choosing a new roof for your home or business, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. This is just a brief overview of what affects your new roof costs. More homeowners are looking at ways to make their homes greener, and what kind of materials you choose for your roof could have a major impact.

Ultra Seam is celebrating entering the fourth decade of providing metal roofing solutions to customers throughout the U.S. Ultra Seams decades of experience will ensure that your affordable solutions deliver the performance levels your projects demand.

One advantage of metal roofs is you can paint them almost any color that you desire, unlike the limited color options with conventional asphalt shingles. Most quality metal roof panels are coated in a Kynar 500 that keeps colors from bleeding through and chalking up (a white residue that can accumulate on painted metal surfaces). Standing seam panels, which are fire-resistant and resistant to rust, are sometimes coated in Kynar, which is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer that prevents the metal from rusting and being damaged by severe weather. If a mechanical seam is used, then batten panels are weather-resistant and work great in lower pitched roofs and in extreme weather conditions.

While a 2-mechanical-seam roof panel is an excellent choice for bold, standing-seam metal roof designs, the 1-mechanical-seam panel provides a similarly attractive choice for residential standing-seam metal roofing. Using only top-quality, virgin aluminum and a premium pvdf resin-based Kynar 500(r) or Hylar 5000(r) finishes, Classics ClickLock standing seam is certified premium through the Metal Construction Associations Certified Roof Panels Program.