How snow and ice can damage your roof. - Allied Construction
February 23, 2019

How snow and ice can damage your roof.

Snow and ice damage

In the cold and winter months, everyone just wants to stay inside where it is nice and warm. Very few people realize that snow and ice can cause big damage to your roof.

Added Stress on the structure of your home.

Snow & ice can damage your roof and cause a major problem. When the temperature falls below freezing water that is coming down your roof will freeze in the lowest point of your roof it forms a big ice wall not letting anything to slide off your roof.

The freeze and thaw effect.

nothing is more dangerous that water coming in the smallest crack it can find on your roof. The water will freeze and expand the cracks. When the employees rise just enough to meltwater the crack will expand and let more water in just to freeze again. This pattern continues and will make the roof. less stable over time.

Reduced roof lifespan

When snow and ice accumulate on the rooftop, the reinforcements weaken. This will shorten the lifespan of your roof and require structural work to be repaired sooner than later.